Faithful to street photography, I couldn’t have been more interested in human feelings and how they are expressed in each situation. Whether it’s a wedding, a portrait or even a commercial photoshoot I always have in mind to “extract” the true nature of my object into the picture. With weddings occupying most of my time nowadays, I find feelings and expressions to be the dominant and most interesting features that can turn a picture from nice to a classical one. We are specializing to real people, we love to work with them and most of the times we find cooperation to be a way of making new friends! So please, come as you are. No matter what your height, your size or style is, when it comes to your wedding day the only thing that counts is the real you. We believe each person is different and so should your photos be. Take our little piece of advice, be true to yourself and let us do the rest. Photos will make moments stay alive through the years and that’s really your one precious gift for this day. Shouldn’t it be a well thought out decision rather than a leave-to-luck choice?
Whatever the photography issues in your mind please feel free to contact us and we are ready to do our best for you. We deal with many areas of photography and we don’t think ourselves being only wedding photographers. Phifactor has a few very interesting collaborations with companies well-known for what they do, just to mention Coca Cola Hellenic, Wella Hellas and CVexperts. We cover corporate events for many big or small companies of any field. It’s nice to mention that many of our customers are young people who want some professional pictures for their websites and e-shops in order to promote their products to a wider audience in a proper way. If you keep tracking our pro steps and social media updates you wouldn’t miss fans’ most loved pictures, these of bands and live performances. We should stress here how important it is for us to operate the studio of Phifactor and the many choices it give us to create beautiful images in our own work space. Portraits for a proper CV and LinkedIn presence following the advices of our favorite guys in CVexperts are also a common occupation for us and we are truly glad to know that you finally got that job! Family portrait photo sessions are always very welcome, while the choice of parents who want beautiful pictures of their kids that will last for years makes us happy and proud of our job. Last but not least we are at all times ready to create beautiful portraits for awesome talented people who desire to share their art with other people through media or to promote their work through their own unique artist book.
My name is Konstantinos Kallipolitis and I’m in charge of the Phifactor Photo Art Studio. I was born and raised in Piraeus and studied Photography in the AKTO College. For the last few years I have been residing in the Athens city center, which I find very interesting for its many contrary pictures, not necessarily beautiful in a common way but pretty from a photographer’s view. Therefore, it’s common for me to suggest to the couples their engagement/pre-wedding and next day sessions to be conducted in selected places of the center. If you spend some time to read the “few words” section above, then you will probably understand that I’m committed to street photography, without of course rejecting other directions and inspired proposals. You see, what I do is constantly trying to improve myself and my work, so every new season is a challenge, a motivation to create better pictures. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy every piece of this website!
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